Clan MacFarlane Modern Hunting Tartan Collection

Clan MacFarlane traditional hunting tartan with modern colors.

Clan MacFarlane Modern Hunting Tartan

Colors: Green, Dark Purple, White, Black, Red

Clan MacFarlane Crest over Modern Hunting Tartan

Crest Badge: A demi-savage holding a broad sword in the dexter hand and pointing to a crown with the other.

Motto: This I’ll Defend.

Associated Names or Spelling Variations

Ailen, Ailene, Ailin, Aillieson, Alain, Alan, Alanach, Alane, Alanesone, Alanesoun, Alanson, Alansone, Alansoun, Alanus, Alason, Aleinson, Alen, Alenach, Alene, Alensone, Aleson, Alesone, Alesoun, Aleyn, Aleynson, Aleynsson, Aliesone, Alinson, Alison, Alisone, Alissone, Alizon, Allan, Allanach, Allanache, Alland, Allane, Allanock, Allanson, Allansone, Allansoune, Allason, Allasone, Allasoun, Allasoune, Allasson, Allen, Allenoch, Alleson, Allesoun, Allesoune, Allinson, Allison, Allisone, Allone, Allsoun, Alnach, Alowne, Alwyn, Alynson, Alysone, Arral, Arrel, Arrell, Arrol, Arroll, Baitie, Baittie, Baitty, Bartelmew, Bartholomew, Bartilmew, Bateson, Batieson, Batteson, Battie, Battison, Batty, Baty, Beatie, Beatson, Beattie, Beatty, Beaty, Bertholmew, Bertholomei, Bertillmew, Bryce, Callan, Calland, Callen, Cannison, Caw, Clay, Conlay, Conley, Cunieson, Cunison, Cunnison, Cunyson, Cunysoun, Cwnyson, Donleavy, Donlevy, Dunleavy, Dunslef, Farlan, Farlane, Gracey, Gracie, Gracy, Graisich, Grasich, Grass, Grasse, Grasseich, Grassiche, Grassichsone, Grassick, Grassie, Grasycht, Graysich, Greasaighe, Greasich, Grecie, Greishich, Greoschich, Greoshich, Greshach, Gresich, Gressiche, Greusach, Greusaich, Grevsach, Griasaich, Griesck, Gruamach, Kenison, Kennison, Kinnieson, Kinnison, Kunnison, Lennox, Lenox, MacAilein, MacAilin, MacAindra, MacAllan, MacAllane, MacAnally, MacAnnally, MacAnstalcair, MacAnstalkair, MacAves, MacAvis, MacAvish, MacAw, MacAwis, MacAwishe, MacBarron, MacCa, MacCaa, MacCallan, MacCallane, MacCalloun, MacCannally, MacCaueis, MacCauish, MacCause, MacCavis, MacCavish, MacCavss, MacCaw, MacCawe, MacCaweis, MacCawis, MacCaws, MacClae, MacClay, MacCleay, MacClew, MacCollea, MacColly, MacCondie, MacCondy, MacConlea, MacDimslea, MacDonleavy, MacDonnslae, MacFarlan, MacFarland, MacFarlane, MacFarlen, MacFarlin, MacFarling, MacFerlane, MacGaa, MacGaw, MacGeoch, MacGeouch, MacGooch, MacGrasaych, MacGrassych, MacGrassycht, MacGrasycht, MacGrayych, MacGreische, MacGreish, MacGresche, MacGresich, MacGressich, MacGressiche, MacGreusach, MacGreusaich, MacGreusich, MacHamish, MacHenish, MacInair, MacInally, MacInayr, MacInnuer, MacInnuier, MacInnyeir, MacInstalker, MacInstokir, MacInstucker, MacInuair, MacInuar, MacInuire, MacInuyer, MacIock, MacIstalkir, MacJames, MacJamis, MacJock, MacKa, MacKaa, MacKallan, MacKames, MacKau, MacKaw, MacKawe, MacKawes, MacKeamish, MacKeandla, MacKfarlen, MacKindlay, MacKinla, MacKinlay, MacKinley, MacKiock, MacKjames, MacKnaer, MacKnair, MacKnaire, MacKnedar, MacKynnair, MacKynnayr, MacLae, MacLay, MacLea, MacLeay, MacLey, MacNair, MacNally, MacNar, MacNare, MacNayair, MacNayer, MacNayr, MacNayre, MacNeadair, MacNear, MacNedair, MacNedar, MacNedyr, MacNeer, MacNeir, MacNettar, MacNeur, MacNewer, MacNidder, MacNider, MacNiter, MacNoder, MacNoyar, MacNoyare, MacNoyiar, MacNuer, MacNuir, MacNuire, MacNure, MacNuyer, MacNvyr, MacOnlay, MacParlan, MacParland, MacParlane, MacParlin, MacPharheline, MacPharlain, MacPharlane, MacQualter, MacQuater, MacQuatter, MacQuhalter, MacRob, MacRobb, MacRobe, MacStaker, MacStalker, MacStokker, MacTaevis, MacTamhais, MacTause, MacTaveis, MacTavish, MacTawisch, MacTawys, MacThamais, MacThamhais, MacThavish, MacUaltair, MacVater, MacWalter, MacWaltir, MacWater, MacWatter, MacWattir, MacYnstalker, Makallane, Makavhis, Makaw, Makawis, Makca, Makcaus, Makcaw, Makcawe, Makcawis, Makcaws, Makcawys, Makcoe, Makfarland, Makfarlane, Makferlan, Makferlande, Makgeouch, Makinstalker, Makkaw, Makley, Maknair, Maknare, Maknayr, Makneddar, Maknewar, Maknoyar, Makrob, Makstalkare, Makstoker, Makwatter, Makynnair, Melir, Mill, Millan, Millar, Millare, Millen, Miller, Millin, Millman, Milln, Mills, Miln, Milne, Milner, Milnes, Monach, Monech, Munnoch, Munnock, Munoch, Mylar, Mylen, Myllair, Myllar, Myllare, Myln, Naiper, Napare, Napeir, Naper, Napier, Napper, Neaper, Nepare, Neper, Parlan, Parlane, Rob, Robb, Spreuile, Spreuill, Spreul, Spreule, Spreull, Sprewell, Sprewile, Sprewill, Sprewl, Sprewle, Sprewyle, Sproul, Sproule, Sproull, Staiker, Stalcare, Stalkair, Stalkar, Stalker, Vair, Veir, Vere, Veyre, Wair, Ware, Wayre, Wear, Weare, Weaver, Weer, Weir, Weire, Were, Werr, Weyir, Weyr, Whier, Wier, Wir, Wire.

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